Do you think you are very good at home oral health care?

Stay away from these habits says your Dentist in North Plainfield

by | March 1, 2018 Dental Cleaning

Do you think you are very good at-home oral health care?

You may be missing an essential fact that your habits outside your home can make a big impact on your oral health.

Dr Harmanpreet Kaur DDS, dentist in North Plainfield suggests that it’s difficult to recognize some of our habits outside home that can have huge negative effect on our oral health.  Let’s take few minutes and learn.


Whether it’s from a cigarette, chew, or hookah pipe, tobacco use does no favor to your teeth or gums. Not only does it stain your teeth and increase your risk for gum disease, it also makes your breath smell. No amount of teeth brushing, chewing gum or mouthwash can fix the smell or reverse the irreparable damage caused to your teeth.

Playing Sports without Mouth Guard

If you or your kids play sports such as football, basketball or ice hockey, it’s important that you should wear mouth guard to protect your teeth during tackles. Fractured jaws or broken front tooth are most difficult and expensive dental procedures.

Eating Habits

Eating pop-corns while watching movies, watch for raw kernels that can crack your tooth in the process or shells stuck between your teeth and not removed until next morning. Food left in between teeth is biggest source of caries.

Not Watching and Walking

Take your time when traveling to reduce your chance of accidents. Shaving off a few seconds by rushing and laying on the ground with a bloody mouth is not only painful but also expensive when it injury involves oral surgery thereafter cosmetic dentistry.

With above few things in mind, you can ensure your teeth can remain intact for another day. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in North Plainfield for more tips on protecting your teeth. Located at the border of North Plainfield next to Green brook and Dunellen just off Route 22W, we at Dental Designer provide comprehensive dental care for our patients.


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