Halloween Candies

It’s no surprise that Halloween is one of the worst holidays for your teeth. Candy hits stores weeks before and it can be all too tempting to resist a little late night sugar craving with those cute bite-sized treats. If you are going to partake, just remember: all candy is not created equal. Here’s a list of the worst candies for your teeth: Candy Corn, Taffy and Gummy candies. These types of sweets are sticky and chewy and can therefore be some of the most difficult to clean or remove from your teeth. Sour candies. Soft and hard varieties included, these types of candy are often highly acidic and sugary. Those two elements can eat at your tooth enamel quicker than others. Hard Candy. Think lollipops, jawbreakers and jolly ranchers. Because these candies cannot be chewed, nor do they dissolve quickly, they are in your mouth longer, exposing your teeth to sugar and acidic components that can cause tooth decay. Straight sugar. You know the kind of candy that is basically pure sugar. It disintegrates fast, but coats your teeth in that gritty texture. Be sure to rinse as you eat cookies, cake and candy that are high in sugar content to help remove its remnants and help protect against tooth decay.