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Patient Reviews & Feedback

08/06/2016 Gloria Burch — Customer since 2011 (5-Stars)

Dr Harmanpreet Kaur, I like her work very much. I would come to her again

07/01/2016 Patrick Rickman — Customer since 2013 (5-Stars)

My experience here at Dental Designer was very attentive and very pleasant. Just a wonderful place to get all your dental work done. Fantastic !! Dr Kaur

3/5/2015 Laura L –Customer since 2015 (5 stars)

Thank you to the entire staff at Dental Designer for your care and consideration.

2/22/2015 Savera Z Customer since 2014 (5 stars)

I’m really pleased with dental designer ! Dr. Ami Vasani is really great she makes you feel comfortable and answers all your concerns in a manner you will have a complete understanding of what needs to be done with the issues you have. She is also my kid’s favorite, I stopped going to the pediatric dentist after having my kids seeing by her! Not only the doctor but the entire staff is really friendly.

2/4/2015 Reginald P Customer since 2007 (5 stars )

concerned professional service at every visit

1/31/2015 Yvonne K Customer since 2007 (4 stars )

Experience was pleasant with doctor and staff reassuring me at every step of the process. Highly recommended. As usual, a very pleasant experience. Thank you Doctor Vasani and staff.

1/23/2015 David C Customer since 2014 (5 stars)

Once again I had I called on Dental Designer to address an infected tooth. On my last visit I was warned of a potential problem with this tooth but being optimistic I chose to ignore the warning. And as predicted I woke with a bad toothache, the office was closed so I called the emergency line. Dr. Vasani and Jennifer agreed to come in and their day off the attend to me. I am so grateful for their dedication and professionalism.

1/4/2015 David C Customer since 2014 (5 stars)

I originally went to Design Dental for an emergency abscess after being told I had to wait two days for the first opening by my regular dentist. I was grateful for the time and care given to me. After having the abscess treated and a crown installed but still a little apprehensive, I had a good friend of mine, a retired oral surgeon, access the work. His only reply was ” Top notch job, First class work”. I have never returned to my old dentist but continue to go to Design Dental.

12/22/2014 Sandeep P Customer since 2014 (5 stars)

Dr Ami is superb at her implant skills. Overall experience was great with no pain and detailed explanation at each steps of procedure. Ease of scheduling quick appointment in case of emergency pain makes her different from other dentist. With friendly staff and follow up Before and after procedure makes her clinic best. I definitely recommend others for implants and other dental procedures.

12/16/2014 HHoward M (5 stars )

I’m always nervous when going to the dentist, but I have to admit Dr. Vasani is very good. She explained each procedure to me, and, frankly, I experienced little or no pain. I will never say I am anxious to go to the dentist, but I certainly would recommend Dr. Vasani.

12/14/2014, Janet J

DD Review 5

11/13/2014, Happy Mom

My whole family trusts Dr. Vasani for giving the best dental treatment and advise. She listens patiently and provides several treatment options. The kids love watching the movies on the newly installed TV’s while undergoing the procedures. My 12 year old didn’t even feel like she had a root canal done, came out smiling! Betcha you cann’t say that about dental visits!

11/6/2014, Shelby W

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10/23/14, E. H

Review 3

10/16/2014, John C

The friendly and courteous staff make every visit enjoyable as well as professional!

10/10/2014, Sybill F

Review 2

10/2/2014, Desiree B

9/14/2014, Kenneth P