Periodontitis Disease

How do I know if I have gum disease?

What is gum disease? Gum disease, or gingivitis, is a common condition which affects most of us at some stage of our lives. It is an inflammatory response of the gum tissues to bacterial plaque build-up. Periodontal disease, or periodontitis, is a condition affecting about a third of the population, with a third of those […]

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Visit Dentist

How often should I go to the dentist?

As a general rule it is recommended that you visit your dentist for a check-up and clean once every six months. In dentistry, as in many areas of health, prevention is better than cure. People often do not become aware of dental-related conditions such as decay, gum disease and oral cancer until there are visible […]

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amalgam dental fillings

Should I replace Amalgam Fillings?

Not too long ago, amalgam was the material of choice for dentists when placing fillings. Amalgam fillings, when properly done, were inexpensive, easy to place and long lasting. As dentistry has evolved, however, the disadvantages of amalgam have become more apparent. Apart from a lack of visual appeal, one of the main disadvantages of amalgam […]

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions: Do I Need a Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

When it comes to tooth extractions, we often get asked “do I need a dentist or an oral surgeon?” A tooth extraction is nothing to take lightly, so it’s important to choose the right provider for your situation, especially if it’s an emergency procedure. Both dentists and oral surgeons can perform tooth extraction, so how […]

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Deep Cleaning

Regular Cleaning vs Deep Dental Cleaning

Imagine a scenario: where you are brushing your teeth and you notice a blood on your brush, on the floss or in the sink. May be swelling or redness in your gums? When you visit your dentist and the doctor completes an exam and reviews X-rays, you are informed that you have gum disease. Periodontitis […]

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Broken Front Tooth! What to do?

A broken front tooth impairs your ability to eat and talk and there is this embarrassment that comes from missing key part of smile. A broken front tooth sounds simple, but there are actually several varieties of trauma that a person can suffer.  You need to make quick decision after breaking or loosing front tooth. […]

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How Much Dental Implant Can Cost?

Dental Implant cost can range from $2500 to as much as $5000. Even if the cost is partly covered by your insurance, there is still a big out of pocket expense Dr Harmanpreet Kaur of Dental Designer explains what exactly are you paying for when you get an implant. Implant Dental implants are made of […]

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Baby Tooth- Even More Important To Take Care!

Just because our little ones will get new teeth soon is not the reason to allow our little ones to get tooth decay and infection on baby tooth. Dr Harmanpreet Kaur of Dental Designer makes it a point that baby teeth are not throwaway teeth concurring it with posted video at American Dental Association website […]

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Brushing Your Teeth Helps Prevent a Heart Attack

Removing plaque thoroughly by brushing teeth can help prevent heart attack. A new study suggests the brushing regularly reduces inflammation in the body to levels close to what can be achieved by statins. Several studies found that people brushing twice removes plaque had their levels of inflammation also fell by 29 per cent. Statins lower […]

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Fillings for Cavities

Different Types of Dental Fillings

To use them, you need to know what dental fillings really are. If any open spaces arise in the tooth, it is imperative that they are filled up. This is because any opening leads to the roots and nerve vessels under the tooth being exposed to outside bacteria. So in order to close off all […]

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Oral Health during Pregnancy

The oral health is very important in part of everyone life but it is more emphasized when you are pregnant. Majority of pregnant women have oral health problem including bleeding in gums and tooth ache. In order to avoid risk to both the child and mother, it is important to see your dentist. Following are […]

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Common Oral Conditions

Its not just about keeping your teeth strong. Recent survey has made clear that nearly one in ten people have deal with poor dental health.

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5 Reasons to visit Dental Designer before the year ends

Everyone wants healthy teeth, but some do not always look forward to their routine dental check-ups. If your dental insurance runs on a calendar year basis, there are several reasons to take time out of your busy holiday schedule and make an appointment to see us.

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Keep teeth healthy over the holidays

No matter how much you love your dentist, he or she probably doesn’t top the list of people you want to spend quality time with over the holidays. Follow these five tips to steer clear of emergency trips to the dentist’s office this season.

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Halloween Candies

It’s no surprise that Halloween is one of the worst holidays for your teeth. Candy hits stores weeks before and it can be all too tempting to resist a little late night sugar craving with those cute bite-sized treats. If you are going to partake, just remember: all candy is not created equal.

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This Will Make You Want to Brush and Floss More

One of the very lucky things about being a dentist is knowing that most oral diseases are preventable. Dentistry has improved greatly over the last several decades, and we know that for most people, if you brush, floss and visit your dentist regularly, you’ll most likely be OK. That’s why it can also be frustrating to see statistics like these, from the Centers for Disease Control:

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